Results of the Advocacy Grant Program

Within the framework of the Advocacy Grant Program, 16 local organizations with the support of the Center for Training and Consultancy (CTC) were implemented advocacy initiatives in Kakheti.  Here are some success stories:

  • In Sighnaghi, the local organization: “Parents Union of Persons with Disabilities” conducted survey on the needs of adults with disabilities and, together with the local self-government, implemented training programs for persons with disabilities and their parents. In addition, as a result of the active advocacy campaign conducted by the organization, respective funds have already been allocated from the municipal budget to support independent movement of persons with mobility restrictions and other disabilities. This program will be provided in the coming years as well.
  • Youth Centers Association in Kvareli, conducting awareness raising campaign on the environmental issues in Akhalsopeli and Shilda villages. With the active participation of the local citizens, 3 natural garbage dumps were identified and together with the Kvareli City Hall identified areas were cleaned. The newly rehabilitated Akhalsopeli square was planted and the areas around Akhalsopeli and Shilda centers were  also cleaned.
  • The local community organization: “Union Shuamta” developed a research about an early and preschool educational system in Telavi Municipality. The study analyzed the local policy against the qualification and professionalism of teachers employed in local public kindergartens, amounts of municipal resources and finances assigned for these institutions and security and sanitary-hygienic safety of preschool buildings. The study findings and recommendations were successfully used during the elaboration of the Strategy of Early and Pre-school Education and Nurturing Care of Telavi Municipality and its two years Action Plan.
  • In Dedoplistskaro Municipality, the organization: “New Horizon” started an advocacy campaign with the involvement of young people to open a techno park in the municipality. As a result of the active information campaign, the representatives of the Georgian Agency for Innovation and Technology (GITA) studied the existing environment, got acquainted with the initiatives of the youth and met with the representatives of the local self-government. As a result, Dedoplistskaro City Hall is ready to allocate the area for the building of the Innovation and Technology Center free of charge. 4 possible locations have already been selected and one of them will be agreed with the Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency.

The grant program was implemented with the financial support of the European Union in the framework of the project: “Municipal Services Quality Assessment Tool” (MUSQAT).