Improving municipal services in Dedoplistskaro municipality

Center for Training and consultancy (CTC), through the sub grant program, supported local Civil Society Organisations in all eight municipalities of Kakheti in order to contribute improvements of local public services.

Dedoplistskaro Local Development Group (LAG) worked with local self-government, businesses and youth to improve youth policy planning and implementation in Dedoplistskaro Municipality.  Within the project, through the active involvement of Dedoplistskaro LAG, Youth Policy Documents were prepared. The documents include Municipal Strategy for 2021-2025 and the draft Action Plan for 2022-2023. The Action Plan was sent to the City Hall for submission and approval to the newly elected Sakrebulo in Dedoplistskaro Municipality.

The strategy integrates responsive programs on the needs identified as a result of meetings and consultations with local businesses and young people. It aims to promote the professions the region is lack off.  The strategy also encourages demand-based cooperation between vocational educational institutions and businesses organizations. In addition, the municipality undertakes the commitments for developing a municipal program to support the employment of women and youth, including support programs for start-ups and youth initiatives.

In parallel, the organisation assessed quality of the municipal services using the Municipal Services Quality Assessment Toolkit (MUSQAT) and developed Dedoplistskaro Municipal Services Quality Assessment Report. They also monitored 2-year Municipal Services Improvement Action Plan of Dedoplistskaro municipality and produced the monitoring report.

The grant program was implemented with the financial support of the European Union in the framework of the project: “Municipal Services Quality Assessment Tool” (MUSQAT).