MUSQAT project cooperation with Dedoflistskaro municipality

Center for Training and Consultancy (CTC) has worked with City Hall representatives of Dedoflistskaro Municipality to increase their knowledge and skills on policy development and service quality. Officials of the local government were trained in policy planning and analysis, policy analysis cycle, policy instruments (situational assessment, methods for defining policy aim and objectives), stakeholder analysis, discussion of policy alternatives (cost effectiveness and efficiency), public administration, policy implementation and quality assurance. Quality management and standards were also introduced in Municipalities.  

As a result, decision-makers of Dedoplistskaro municipalities (including Deputy Mayor, Head of Internal Audit Department, Specialist at Administrative Unit, Member of City Council) are now able to plan and implement evidence based policies and deliver more efficient and higher quality services to local population. This action is part of wider EU efforts to support development of local governments.

Through the training and expert assistance program, the representatives of the municipality got acquainted with the Municipal Services Quality Self-Assessment Toolkit (MUSQAT) and through it conducted the self-assessment of municipal services. Based on the self-assessment report results, a 2-year Service Improvement Action Plan was developed and approved by the mayor’s order.

Using the technical assistance program, a Civil Service Charter was developed for Dedoplistskaro municipality. Also, Dedoplistskaro Municipality was involved in the inter-municipal professional educational program and, together with the other 7 municipalities of Kakheti, purchased the training programs envisaged by the Dedoplistskaro Professional Development Plan for Public Servants.

The Action was implemented with the financial support of the European Union in the framework of the project: “Municipal Services Quality Assessment Tool” (MUSQAT).