CTC Edition: What the Principle of Subsidiarity Promises

The publication conveys one of our key messages and seeks to answer the question of what the principle of subsidiarity promises us. In its content, it stands close to the CTC’s mission and values, such as an active civil society, effective local self-government, freedom and democratic governance. We believe that the viable civic actors and independent local self-government creates a strong civil society ecosystem, which in turn ensures the equitable development of society and the irreversible process of democratization.

The subsidiary approach creates the opportunity to ensure the development of a highly responsible, autonomous society, to generate more guarantees for the viability of the civil sector, to encourage public initiatives and citizen involvement, to create better public services and to ensure the development of places.

The first part of the presented publication is devoted to the history of the creation and development of the idea of ​​subsidiarity and its multifaceted philosophical understanding. The second part presents the political-legal aspects of the principle and the mechanisms of application in practice.

We do hope that the paper will contribute to a better understanding of the idea of ​​subsidiarity and give some insights into the discussions of issues related to the development of society and the state. We hope that the publication will be interesting  to people who are actively involved or willing to be involved in policy development process in Georgia.

Special thanks to the authors of the publication, Zaza Piralishvili and Irakli Kakhidze for sharing this initiative and preparing articles.