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Self Paced Online Course

Introduction to Regional Development Policy

The online training course: "Introduction to Regional Development Policy’’ was created to raise the awareness of stakeholders about the importance, goals and practices of regional policy.

The program discusses the historical, theoretical and practical aspects of Regional Development Policy; EU cohesion policy, international agreements governing regional development; Institutions involved in regional development policy management and their funding mechanisms. The special focus is made on the intersectoral cooperation in the planning and implementation of regional development policy and on the main instruments and mechanisms of Georgia's regional development policy.





Proactive Disclosure of Public Information


Electronic Governance


Citizen Participation and Accountability

Inter-municipal Model of Professional Development for Local Self-Government Officials

The Center for Training and Consultancy (CTC), with the support of the UNDP project “Fostering Regional and Local Development in Georgia (FRLD)” and the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia (MRDI) has developed an inter-municipal model of the professional development for local government officials in the field of Local Economic Development (LED).

The model offers regional principle of cooperation between municipalities in the field of professional development and envisages announcing joint procurement of LED Training programs/courses through public tenders.

The inter-municipal model can be used to procure professional development training program services in any field where cooperation between municipalities is appropriate to meet the minimum number of participants required for such programs and to reduce expenses envisages for per public servants.

The model describes in detail the consistent steps for cooperation between municipalities in the field of professional development systems of public officials. The document is accompanied by templates of: a memorandum of inter-municipal cooperation, a joint procurement agreement and a technical assignment. Also, a list of public and private educational institutions interested in providing LED training programs is attached to the document.