Results of the Advocacy Grant Program

The Center for Training and Consultancy (CTC), within the framework of the Advocacy Grant Program, supports the improvement of municipal services in Kakheti region. To this end, 16 local organizations are implementing advocacy initiatives. We systematically present their success stories.

By this time, three organizations have completed their work:

  • In Sighnaghi Municipality, a local organization: “Civic Initiative”, aimed to repair the ceiling of the unique local theater in the village of Machkhani. At the end of the IXX century, the theater was built by the efforts of the Machkhani citizens. The opening of the theater was preceded by about ten years history of crowdfunding and all the gained resources were used to build the theater by the local citizens themselves.

    Today, the unique building of the theater is damaged and requires urgent rehabilitation. A collapsed ceiling poses serious problems for whole facility. Through the advocacy initiatives conducted with the high participation of local youth and other inhabitants of the village, Sighnaghi Municipality city hall will repair the ceiling of Machkhani theater by the end of 2021.
  • In Gurjaani Municipality, the local organization: ”Life Line” has been actively working to improve the local environment for the integration of young people with disabilities and support their participation in sports and recreational activities. As a result of the advocacy campaign, respective funds will be allocated in the Gurjaani Municipality budget for 2022 for financing sports and cultural events for people with disabilities.
  • Solomon Dodashvili and April 9 streets are densely populated area in Sagarejo Municipality. The rehabilitation of the local roads on these streets has led to an increase in the speed of vehicles, which poses a threat to the local population.

    As part of the advocacy program, the newly established organization: “Carpe Diem”, has launched an advocacy initiative to place speed-limiting barriers and information banners on these streets. As a result, Sagarejo City Hall assigned the relevant financial resources from the 2021 local budget for installing the road signs and speed limit barriers on Dodashvili and April 9 streets.


The grant program was implemented with the financial support of the European Union in the framework of the project: “Municipal Services Quality Assessment Tool” (MUSQAT).