Results of the Advocacy Grant Program

The Advocacy Grant Program in Kakheti Municipality has been completed, under which 16 local organizations have implemented advocacy initiatives to improve municipal services. You have already read the results of 13 organizations, and today we are pleased to present the success stories of the last four organizations:

  • In Lagodekhi, the Local Development Group (LAG) has been actively working on an initiative to offer home care services to the elderly people. They conducted the survey, identified the existing needs and submitted a package of recommendations to the Lagodekhi City Hall and Sakrebulo. Presented recommendations include Free Canteen Home Delivery Service and Home Care Service for the disabled and Lonely Elderly people.

    The local self-government is ready to reflect the submitted recommendations in the 2022 budget. In addition, as a result of the organization’s efforts, 7 people who did not have information and could not use the Free Canteen municipal service will be added to the beneficiaries. Moreover, a precedent of volunteering was established: 10 volunteers were registered to help single and disabled elderly people and occasionally bring them food from free canteens.
  • In Dedoplistskaro Municipality, local organization: “The Friends Association of Vashlovani Protected Areas” carried out an information campaign to improve the cleaning and solid waste disposal services. They approached the Dedoplistskaro City Hall with recommendations for improving waste management, including starting the waste recycling initiative. Dedoplistskaro City Hall expresses readiness to discuss the organization’s recommendations. The project also organized the public events and cleaned up the Eagle Valley and the coniferous forest near the St. Elijah Tezbitel Monastery with the high participation of local citizens.
  • The newly established organization “Antimonopoly Policy Monitoring Center” (APM) aimed to improve municipal transport service in Telavi Municipality. Within the advocacy project, they conducted the survey of local population on the transport issues and presented the specific recommendations to Telavi City Hall to improve the service.   Telavi City Hall is ready to take into account their recommendations, for this purpose they have signed a memorandum of cooperation.
  • The Civic Development Youth Center in Akhmeta Municipality has been carrying out advocacy activities for 5 months to solve the water problem in the village of Omalo. As a result of advocacy campaign, within the financial support of the Mountain Fund, the rehabilitation of the building facilities and the internal network of the water supply system has already started and will be completed in 2022.

The grant program was implemented with the financial support of the European Union in the framework of the project: “Municipal Services Quality Assessment Tool” (MUSQAT).