Improving municipal services in Lagodekhi municipality

Center for Training and consultancy (CTC), through the sub grant program, supported local Civil Society Organisations in all eight municipalities of Kakheti in order to contribute improvements of local public services.

In Lagodekhi Municipality a local organization, the Georgian Civil Development Association (SAGA), has been working for the past one year to support improvements of waste management services.  

The project team systematically carried out field visits to 15 communities in Lagodekhi to identify natural landfills and monitor disposal of required bins and utilization practice of construction waste. In addition, in order to update and improve the Lagodekhi Municipality Waste Management Action Plan the relevant recommendations were developed by SAGA experts and was proposed to the Lagodekhi City Hall. As a result, with the active involvement of the organization, an updated five-year (2017-2022) waste management plan was approved. It should be noted that a number of recommendations have already been taken into account by the LSG representative, including the use of electronic waste registration databases and electronic waste disposal maps.

In parallel, the SAGA team assessed quality of the municipal services using the Municipal Services Quality Assessment Toolkit (MUSQAT) and developed Lagodekhi Municipal Services Quality Assessment Report. They also monitored 2-year Municipal Services Improvement Action Plan of Lagodekhi municipality and produced the monitoring report.

The grant program was implemented with the financial support of the European Union in the framework of the project: “Municipal Services Quality Assessment Tool” (MUSQAT).